i teach easy to understand kicking concepts reinforced with a consistent message of mastering the fundamentals of the position. the equation to success isn’t complicated. success will come from a combination of discipline, CONSISTENT work ethic and training your mind and body TO EXECUTE WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN.

We don’t guarantee scholarships to players, like some do. We provide the means to improve a player’s skills to first be a contributor to your high school team. We work with many kids whose realistic expectations are to be the kicker/punter for their high school team. Most players ARE NOT destined to play college football for a variety of reasons. I will spend as much time with those players as I do with players that are collegiate prospects. We have been fortunate to have had kids play at all levels of college football (Division I, DI-FBS, Division II, Division III, NAIA).

  • Have you attended or sent your son to a camp and never heard from the camp again until they want you to attend again?
  • How many times have you sent your son to a camp and he has been “coached” by another high school or college kicker, someone who has probably never coached a player in his life?
  • Do you want your son to go to a camp where he gets little to no attention from the camp instructors?

Training options:

  • MONTHLY ($150/month): We train year round in Tampa, FL. You get the opportunity to work out in a small group setting on a weekly basis (3/4x per month). We help monitor all aspects of your workout regiment (flexibility/weight  lifting/cardio/kicking/punting/scholastically).
  • PRIVATE SESSION ($65):  if you want a one on one workout, these are available as well.
  • VIDEO INSTRUCTION ($50/session): we can work with you through video analysis that you provide for us.

For more information or questions about anything we do, please call me directly (205.790.1404) or use our Contact Page.

You are welcomed at any of our practices to observe for yourself.